Using that insurance once again!

Cardiologists. I spend WAY too much time with them. I thought maybe, just maybe, after Hubby's surgery we could take a break for a few months from having to say the words cardio or echocardiogram or valve or aorta.

Every year, kids go to the doctor for a physical. Grace's is coming up so I made the appointment. And then I had to make an appointment with the pediatri.c cardio.logist. For the same day. She is going to be such a thrill to be with that day (that is sarcasm, folks)! Cardiac tests and exams first thing in the morning. And the day will end with the ever annoying trip to the peditrician's office. I love my peditrician but its still annoying to go to the office!

Annoyed but I know the peditrician's appointment will be okay.......once we wait for 30 minutes past our appointment to go back to the treatment rooms where we will wait for another 15 minutes. Dont you love doctor offices?!

Its the cardi.ologist that I am nervous about. See, Grace saw him immediately after she was born. She saw him 2 additional times that first year. And then he said "I will see her when she is 3". And that time is now. Since Hubby has Marfan Syndrome, we need to watch Grace for the same thing (there is a 50/50 chance of her having the same syndrome). That involves the card.iologists. (On a completely different note, how is the doctor going to keep a 3 year old still for the echocar.diogram and all that!?

So what if she does have Marfan's? Well, so what. We can handle it. But it still scares me. It makes me nervous. And what if she doesnt have it? I will be thrilled. But at the same time it terrifies me because what if we decide to have another baby and baby #2 has it?

So many what ifs and I have no idea when the answers will come!!!


Bri said...

Good lord - you guys see the doctors more than we do!

I still think its crazy they can't just do a blood test and tell you either way. What are those human genome people doing?!!? :P

Keep us posted - and we all know Marfan's isn't the worst thing - tough - but not terrible - have fun this weekend

Beth said...

I've often wondered if my husband has Marfan's. He has some of the characteristics. And his father had valve replacement surgery in his 40s. You would think they wouldn have identified it then. But you never know. So thanks for the link and info!

I also hope things go as sanely as possible with Grace's appointment day!