Welcome Home Hubby!

The surgeons finally let me bring Hubby home yesterday afternoon. Surgery was only 6 days ago and even the surgeons were amazed that Hubby was recovering so quickly. I was just excited to get out of the hospital and have both my babies at home with me.

Hubby is doing really well at home. He gets tired easily but that is to be expected. He is in good spirits and is much happier at home. Even Grace is being great.......she is giving him tons of hugs and kisses and loves to take care of her Daddy.

We have a long road to recovery ahead (4-6 weeks is average until the patient starts feeling better!) but the hardest part is behind us. With the new aorta inplace, we can handle it all!


-L said...

So sweet of him to call me tonight! I'm so happy to hear that he loves the room :)

And he sounds like he is doing well, tired, but well. Reach out if you need us for anything!!

Bri said...

With a new aorta you can handle anything :P

Gracie looks THRILLED to see her daddy :)