Standing in my closet this morning trying to find something to wear to work (seriously, what happened to all my clothes!?) and I found the last remaining piece of maternity wear. Stuffed in the back corner underneath a pile of stuff waiting to be taken to Goo.dwill. A shapeless pink tshirt that I clearly remember hating because it didnt fit at all those last few weeks of pregnancy.

And that memory sparked so many more this morning.

3 years ago today. What was I doing? Running to the grocery store for last minute items, packing my hospital bag, praying that labor would start soon, cleaning the apartment, and agonizing over what girl and boy outfit to bring with me to the hospital (we didnt know what se.x the baby was so I had to be prepared!).
Oh yea, and I was completely miserable because I needed help getting my fat preggers self off the couch and even the old maternity staple, the overall, was too small. That my friends is a sign!!!! A sign that NO ONE should have to be 13 days overdue before scheduling the induction!

And 3 years ago today was the last day of my other life. The one without Grace. The one I would not go back to in a million years.

If I am this emotional about this today, just IMAGINE what I will be like tomorrow when Grace turns 3! Can you believe its been 3 years?!!?!?!?

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Bri said...

i can't even imagine. at all. I can't believe i have a 21 month old - we still get to count in months so its still okay :P. blows me away that you have a three year old.

But she's such a good kid - you have a lot to be proud of