Party Pictures

I survived all this and am already looking forward to another birthday party next year!!!

Make your own princess crown. And none of the kids got glue on the table.......impressive!

Checking out her loot from the indoor Easter Egg Hunt. Imagine 7 kids running through the family room looking for plastic proncess eggs full of Her.shey Ki.sses!

The Castle Cake. I outdid myself last year so now I need to at least maintain the awesome cake trend. Grace reminded me that this cake is not Cind.erella's castle cause her castle is blue. Oh well, I only had one tube of blue icing so you get what you get!!

Presents and more presents and more presents.

Cinderella with a blue mouth, courtesy of the blue Rin.g Pop in her party goody bag.


Bri said...

Seriously - we are booking you for july 21st - i do not throw a good kids birthday party.

The cake actually looks like a castle - if i had a blog still - i could post a pic of the banana bread i attempted yesterday - blech.

Way impressive and really - blue lipstick with a blue princess dress is so now. Grace is so fashion forward!

So-Called Supermom said...

I can be booked!!! BUT on July 21 I will be in Florida at a conference. BUMMER! I can send you some party plans if you would like!! It is what I do best......well I hope so since its what I do for a living!!!!

-L said...

She's getting so big...quite the young lady now :)

-L said...

Oh, and the cake came out beautifully!

IRS Printing Guru said...

Gotta LOVE the blue mouth!!!

Manic Mom said...

Looks like you could use an appletini or twelve after that party!!!

Beautiful Cake! Beautiful birthday girl!

Anonymous said...

cute, cute, love the princess dress! I think you and I own the very same pair of glasses! Good taste!! Great minds think alike!