Yada Yada Yada

All of the sudden, the work load hit me. Maybe cause I feel that once promoted, I should step up to the plate and work harder. Maybe not. But seriously, last week I could skate through a day. Now I am busy all day long and deadlines are approaching so quickly. Yesterday I realized that there are only 7 months until the conference. Amazing. I feel like it was yesterday that I was in Nashville at the 2006 conference. Time flies.

So what the heck have I been up to? Let's see:
  1. I got glasses. And contacts. And I LOVE my glasses. A girl needs a little designer in her life every once in awhile so I splurged on Burberry frames. They rock.
  2. Gracie decided last night that diapers are for babies. She wants to wear big girl pants! YEA! FINALLY! However, that is hard to do since she is afraid of the po.tty at daycare. We told her over and over last night and this morning that she has to use the day care potty and the Dora big girl pants are hers! Cross your fingers that this is the end of Pampers for us!
  3. Hubby and I went to the International Food and Wine Expo in DC last weekend. What a blast! But I dont remember the food part of the Expo! Maybe too much wine?! Hehe, it was awesome!!!

Thats all for today. I know, could it be more boring! But stay tuned. I am sure that this calm in life will get shaken up soon enough!!!

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Bri said...

Not too boring although we still need a glasses picture!!!

Keep us posted on teh diaper chronicles!