Bring It On

Okay, Grace has a problem and as her mother, its my job to help her fix it.

After 2 days, there is still no #2 in the diaper. And man, does she stink.....so I know its there. I mean, seriously, STINKS!!!!!

And so tonight, along with her daily vitamin, Mommy gets the honor of giving her child a laxative.

Who wants to take bets I will be up in the middle of the night cleaning dirty sheets!? I can hardly wait (total sarcasm there!). Well, only because I get to spend time right after work cleaning the carpet where she was sick the other day.

But this is what real moms do.

Real Moms. Nothing grosses us out!

This post brought to you by SoCalledSupermom, in response to Motherhood Uncensored new meme. Come on......join in the fun!!


Bri said...

Ashley thinks prunes and raisins are candy - so we don't have the constipation issue -

Good luck! Maybe she's just holding it in for fear of pooping in the potty?

Jennifer said...

Sad, isn't it, that nothing can gross us out. Ah, but that's a "real mom".

Megan said...

I love your blog -- just found it and could have SWORN that it was me writing it --- I'm a publicist in Ohio and am in the same boat! I do a TON of food events for clients and appreciate all you've been up to! My website is..www.everittcommunications.com... stop by and send me an email ... I'd love to swap stories and suggestions!