I got myself an "0ffice Pet".

2 betta fish. 1 male, 1 female.

They are SO pretty.

But what to name them? Yes, I understand they are just fish but they still deserve names, right?

UPDATE: They have been named............drumroll..............Rhett and Scarlett! Thanks L for the suggestion!


-L said...

careful with having 2 in the same tank...they can get agressive unless there is some sort of divider.

I have zero ideas on names right now...hehe, sorry! :)

-L said...

Oh, and they are pets, regardless of how small they are and definitely deserve names :)

So-Called Supermom said...

No worries----I have a divided tank now. I REALLY want a tank with the plant on top---so pretty. My mom has one at the house and its so cool.

For now, I must start with the basics...names.

-L said...

hehe, well I forgot to say congratulations! Must be nice to have those guys swimming around while you work :)

How about Rhett and Scarlett!

Bri said...

That's what we had as centerpieces at our wedding.

Rhett and Scarlett are PERFECT names for your fish!

allie said...

What about Jimmy and Savannah Jane?