My Other Career.......Seriously, How Many Do I Need!?!?!?!

"So, when are you going to quit your job and be a nurse or a caretaker?"

That was the last comment Hubby made today before the Per.cocet kicked in and he fell asleep.

One week ago, almost exactly to this time, Hubby woke up from the anest.hesia given during his thoractic-abdominal aortic repair surgery (wow--that was a big word at 11 PM!). I was there when they stopped the medicine but had to leave for shift changes when they took his breathing tubes out and woke him up completely. The next time I saw him, he was groggy but awake and asking all sorts of questions about the surgery (how long did it last? did they take arteries from his leg? how big is the incision?).

Hubby was moved out of ICU on Thursday afternoon and sent home Saturday afternoon, only 5 days after major surgery. The surgeon called him the poster boy for this type of surgery. As I have said all along, if the surgeon is happy then so am I.

Since we have been home, its been pretty uneventful. Hubby is tired so once Grace is up and dressed, I turn attention to Hubby and make sure he is doing okay. All day long, attention goes back and forth between my two babies. Its exhausting but I am happy I have the chance to do it. It could have been different.

I have really learned this week what it means when a bride and groom vow to take care of each other through "sickness and health". Those simple words mean so much to me now.

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