A perfect weekend.

There is a wedding coming up so all the girls got together to tie ribbons on 300 ornaments. There was ribbon, wine, and girl talk for several hours. Perfection. AND no children! Even Supergirl, with the newborn SuperBoy got out by herself!! No major problems were solved and the world is not a better place for the time we spent chatting, but, wow---I needed that time.

After the ribbons were all tied and the wine bottles were empty, I headed to errands with 2 of the girls. Nothing like hanging out with 2 of your closest friends at Party City the weekend before Halloween (read MAD house!). We definitely sealed the deal on our collective Dorkiness when we found ourselves in Office Depot very excited about organizational tools (i.e. white board markers, binders, file folders, and all those other exciting things at an office supply store). Target was the last and best stop though---a bridal registry in hand and away we went! SO much fun!!!

Of course the highlight of the weekend revolves around the smallest friend-family member, Dylan. Nope--not one of the Girls but since he is just a baby, he counts!!! :) I miss those newborn moments so much so its nice to be able to visit Dylan and his Mom.

Friends over last night for dinner and, 6 bottle of wine later, I fell into bed happy as could be.

See----the perfect weekend. I needed it.

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-L said...

Now now, it was NOT 300, it was 120 ornaments! I bet it felt like that many though :)