Wow--the rain is coming down....with a little bit of sunshine too!

Traffic was pretty easy today. I managed to avoid all buses and stupid drivers to cruise to Starbucks and then on the work. Granted, my car was having some issues this morning getting started; maybe I left my interior lights on overnight, not sure. But it started and off to the 'Bucks we went. My venti extra hot 6 pump vanilla latte was perfect. Until I tried to start my car again. After 6 attempts, I gave up.

My car was dead. In the parking lot right next to the day laborer pickup site and next door to one of the Sniper incident locations. Fun times, I tell you! My cell phone was at home....on the coffee table....not in my purse. FABULOUS (can you read the sarcasm there!?).

Anyway, after borrowing the Starbucks phone and calling my parents to rescue me (Hubby is at his post-surgery eye checkup), the car started perfectly and off to the office I went. Strange and irritating and really crappy timing.

So now, on top of preparing to leave for 9 days and for managing the largest meeting I have ever worked on, I have to deal with a dead car. I think its the alternator but am really hoping that it is something simpler and cheaper than that. Think happy thoughts for me as I bring the car to the mechanic tonight.

And now that I have described the rain in my life.....here is a touch of sunshine.....Baby Dylan, 1 day old!
The new proud parents with their precious baby boy. Seriosuly, they are such an adorable family!
Dylan Kristopher. 1 Day old and already so handsome!

Me holding Dylan. I couldnt take my eyes off him!! In all honesty, the entire experience of watching two fo my closest friends become parents has been so emotional....I got teary at my desk when the first picture of Dylan arrived in my Inbox. Its so amazing. Tired baby boy. LOVE the newborn yawns!


-L said...

Your hair looks great! :)

KatieJoeandGrace said...

SOOO sweet. I just love baby pictures. And just knowing what those new parents have in their hearts for the little one! Makes me teary eyed too... and makes me want another one (uh-oh!)

I'll be hoping for the best as you take your car to the mechanic.

Hey-- your hair does look great!