In Sickness and In Health

Surgery is over!!! Hubby's eye is patched and he is snoring away in his painkiller-induced sleep.

It all went well. The cysts were removed without bursting and a gas bubble is pushing the retina back into place nicely. And might i add.....the eye patch is quite becoming on Hubby!!! :)

I may post often this weekend; there may be no posts at all. It really depends on how Hubby is doing with the recovery (its going to be harder than he thought it would be!) and how many good stories I have about the entire recovery process. My gut instinct tells me that this could be pretty story-full (check it out--I made up a word!!). In the past, when he has been inthe hospital for any length of time, I end up with some great stories. I promise to share.

Its late and I am exhausted. Up at 4 am, at the hospital at 6 am, sit in the waiting room all alone until 1:30, and finally get Hubby home at 3:30.

Grace is staying at her grandma's house for a day or so until Daddy is a little better. Man....do I miss her! A Grace hug and kiss is just what this wife/nurse needs.

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-L said...

Was so glad to hear the news yesterday! Sounds like it may be a rough couple of days. I left you a message on your cell yesterday, not sure if you got it. Call me if you need anything. And remember, David is home today, take advantage of that if you need to get out of the house and have someone watch the recovering patient :)