Friends and Fries

Okay, I know. I havent posted in DAYS and I feel bad about that.....really I do. But this little thing called Life and even that always elusive thing called Mini-Vacation got in the way! Crazy---I know!

But here I am, at the office, playing catch-up for the 2 days I took off last week. And that work is prohibiting me from posting anything very interesting. And so, I leave you with a very short update on this Mini-Vacation that found me. Oh, how I needed it and now, I want it back!!!

For the best part of the weekend, please check out my friend L's blog. Yes, that is me in the very fashionable Fish Bowl bra top at the Jimmy Buffett show on Thursday. Sexy, huh? My hubby is in the background of the last picture, wearing his very fabulous Lime wedges bra. Oh what a proud wife I am!!! And since I am calling myself out in these pics, I am sharing the wealth: This is YaYaPrincess, otherwise known as Allie on my comments.

The other excitement: a friend of ours (I say ours because he is one of the gang here in NoVa) is inthe hospital with 2nd degree burns all over his arms and upper chest/shoulders. He was cooking french fries with oil in a pot on his stove and it caught on fire. And yes, he managed to put out the fire---the OIL FIRE----with water. Not sure how he defied that laws of nature but he did....not once, but 3 times!!! We went to visit him at the hospital yesterday and he is one damn lucky person. Burns are all covered in gauze but his face was burned a bit but doesnt look bad....all things considered. Lesson learned: No more french fries cooking for him!!!

More tomorrow...I promise.


KatieJoeandGrace said...

Love the Buffett pictures. Sorry about your friend and the fries... ouch!!

Bri said...

who burned up!?!?

allie said...

Oh that's evil! What about the pics of YOU AND THE ICE LUGE (can't spell it)! Evil evil ;)-