There we were, sitting around the dining room table, enjoying our dessert (strawberry shortcake....yum!). Me and the hubby and another couple-friend of ours....otherwise known as the Monday Night Dinner Friends.

Thud, thud.

Thats all we heard. I ran upstairs. Grace's room is directly above the dining room.

I walked into her room and there she was. Adorable in her little hot pink nightgown, facing the wall in the corner of her room, whimpering. Her eyes were open but she was still half asleep, trying to find her bed but unfortunately, the bed is not in the wall! It was right next to her but it seems that Grace was determined to climb into the wall instead.

She fell out of her bed.

As far as I know, she has not that before. We made the switch to a toddler bed without much drama. After 2 nights, she was a champ in her big girl bed and we havent had a big issue with her getting out of bed constantly. Sure, we find her playing with her toys after naptime but in the mornings, she waits in her bed for us to come get her. Seriously---she is the best toddler in the world!

I felt horrible when I found her so I was a softy and let her come downstairs for a little while. She even managed to get into bed with us later for cuddletime at 11 pm. Only after she kicked me 3,827 times and was yelling "Get Up Daddy" at midnight did I return her to her own bed....the same one she fell out of earlier!!

But for those few minutes, I had a cuddly baby girl who was scared (the fall really shook her!) and only wanted her Mommy. She even rubbed my back when we went to bed. Its those small moments that make this craziness otherwise known as parenthood worth it all!


Mother said...

Ugh. That's painful. Q does it a lot now. She's a huge mover in bed and even though she's been in her tot bed for a month - she still ends up sort of falling out...

Bri said...

Oh - Poor kiddo! I bet she loved hanging out late though. What an extra special treat! And I agree, ahem, that you have a great kid. Much better behaved than, ahem, my wild child who refuses to sleep!

Kimmy said...

Bless her heart. I remember those moments of hearing the crash on the floor. And I miss the cuddle time afterward. My son's ten... and almost 5'7" and 125 pounds. Cuddle time just isn't the same :(

Thanks for the link to "some gave ALL". I'm passing the link on to my friends and family... we're a military family... my daddy returned home from Afghanistan almost one year ago. His platoon lost four brave soldiers to a land mine. I know he will look at this site daily and cry for each and every name. THANK YOU!

And enjoy the cuddles (and a back rub) while they last! ;)

KatieJoeandGrace said...

Oh my, she is so sweet! I can't wait until Grace KNOWS what she is doing. She will pat my shoulder, but she doesn't know she's doing it, etc. :-) That is awesome. I hate that she fell out of her bed. I'm sure it scared her, but she is ok.

Shannon said...

Oh dear! It's still nice to know how much a Mommy means.

I was just mentioning to my husband that I thought my girls are happier to see him when he gets home. He reminded me that I was their rock; their world.

And you are Grace's world too.