So, my inspiration is zero today so I end the week with these random questions. Enjoy! And if you feel so inclined (or if you have as little inspiration as I do today!), join in and let me know that you did!!!

Happy Friday Five!

1. If you were to spend all your vacations for the rest of your life in the same place, where would you want it to be? Tahiti. Never been there but I cant imagine getting bored with Paradise! Hubby and I were supposed to go there on our honeymoon but a little something (read: Grace in utero!) got in the way of those plans!!! So we still dream of a vacation to Tahiti, complete with private villa over the water with a glass floor so that you can see all the fish under your feet. Ahhh, just the thought of it makes me want a Pina Colada right now!

2. If you could have a secret listening device in any one room in the world, which room would it be? I have a very specific answer for this one. I dont know that I would want to have the device in a specific room all the time but there is one specific time that I would have wanted to listen in~ when my Hubby told my mother and father he was planning on proposing. Man, would I liked to hear that conversation. It was not a pretty situation as far as I know but none of them have truly revealed everything that was said in that room. I know bits and pieces but I would love to hear what was said for myself.

3. If you were to be a member of just one club or association, which would you choose? Right now, I would love to be a member of a Mommy's Club; one where there are kids Grace's age and other Moms who can relate to my working mom life. Other than that, I think I may have liked being in a sorority in college that I could still be involved with as an adult. I rushed in college and even had a favorite sorority but never pledged. Back then, I was WAY too cool for all that stuff. Oh yeah, and my mom really wanted me to be in a sorority so that was the last thing I was going to do!

4. If you were to migrate to another country and could just bring one thing that you currently own, what would it be? A digital camera with a memory stick full of all the pictures of the last 2 years of my life. Other items could be replaced but I need those pictures to remind me of all the happy times lately. Sometimes, I struggle to remember that life isnt always stressful and that sometimes I just need to slow down to enjoy things. The pictures of our wedding day remind me that while I didnt look the best I ever had and it wasnt the perfect day, it was the beginning of my life with my Hubby and that on that day, I received the greatest gift of all.....a partner to go through all the hard times and enjoy all the good times with in life. Pictures of Grace as she grew from a newborn to a toddler constantly remind me that time goes by so quickly and that I do really need to stop and enjoy my time with her now because soon enough, she will be a teenager and her mom will be the last person she wants to hang out with!

5. If you could've directed one film in history, which would be it? Gone With The Wind. To tell the story of Scarlett O'Hara would be my dream. In fact, I am reading that book AGAIN, for the 10th time, this summer. I never get tired of it and always find inspiration in Scarlett's courage and passion for her own Cause.

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Bri said...

You are such a southern belle :) True to form you love "Gone With The Wind"!