The Fourth

I took the weekend off...from everything. Well, from work and blogs anyways. The break was nice. From Saturday morning until last night, I sat either by the pool or in the pool all day long. Wish I could do that everyday!

Most of the weekend went by pretty smoothly. Friends and family coming and going. You see, the Fourth is a BIG deal at my house. Ever since the Hubby was in college and all the fraternity brothers would come home with him and party all weekend, there has been a Fourth of July party around the pool every single year. The party normally lasts a few days...taking up the entire holiday weekend and ending with a fireworks show on the Fourth. The same thing happened this year; traditions must love on!

Except that yesterday was pretty eventful.

Middle of the day, a massive storm rolled through DC pretty suddenly. At the end of the 30 minute storm, we went outside the survey the damage. No power at the house (which also means no water because we have a well and no flushing toilets and no showers!). The pool was filled with leaves and other stuff from the yard. Grace's little playhouse was on the other side of the yard from where it began. And the great big beautiful tree on the side yard? It was struck my lightening and is now laying across the yard. My guess is the tree was somewhere between 25 and 35 feet tall and HUGE! But no more. We were lucky though---my neighbors have trees ON their houses and across their driveways and blocking their front walks.

No big deal....the party continued by candle light in the house and as long as the pool was open, we were fine! Until the fireworks show. We got no big finale because just as all the guys had things lined up, the county's finest showed up to yell at us for having fireworks that were not purchased in this state.

All in all, a fun weekend and now I have a year to recover before the next one!


-L said...

Yep, it was quite an eventful day yesterday! When did your power finally come back on?

Bri said...

So I hear I missed "one hell of a fourth" or was it "the fourth from hell"??? Wow - no flushing toilets might have been a bad bad bad thing...Hopefully we line up our plans to be at the next 4th - but only if you promise that all the trees will remain standing during the entire party! :P

So-Called Supermom said...

With this house, I cant promise much but I will promise to have one hell of a party AGAIN next year.....trees or no trees, power or no power......those pesky weather things (aka hellious thunderstorms) cant stop our parties!