The tv channel wouldnt change and so she cried. Her barrette fell out of her hair and so she cried. Mommy was using the hair dryer and so she cried. She cried just for the hell of it. She didnt want to cuddle and then she did and so she cried. The gate at the bottom of the stairs wasnt completely shut and so she cried. The cat got inside and so she cried. 1 single Cherrio fell out of her baggie and so she cried. The stuffed animal she left in her car seat was warm this morning from the sun and so she cried. The light was red for too long and so she cried. She didnt want to go to day care and so she cried. She didnt want to give Mommy a hug goodbye because she was too busy hugging Day Care-ista and so she cried.

That, my friends, was my morning. Seriously, Grace cried from the time she woke up until....well, she was crying when I left her at day care. Nothing was wrong. I checked the normal things....diaper, hungry, thirsty, boo-boo....but nothing was wrong. She just cried constantly all morning long. Which made me feel like crap for not knowing what was the matter.....could she alrady be having those "Girl Days" when all you want to do is cry for no reason!? Or is there something wrong that I dont know about? Its so frustarating because there are some things she can tell me.....what she wants to eat or drink or what toys to play with....but she cant tell me what is wrong now.

Seriously, it broke my heart and left me with some of my own tears this morning to leave her at day care like that. Her eyes were all puffy and red from crying and she was so sad, for no reason. I could hear her crying as I walked down the driveway. As soon as I was safe in my own car, I let a few tears go too. Maybe this was a day I should have played hooky and stayed home with my little girl. Maybe she is trying to tell me something. I just dont know.

But I bet you that this afternoon when Hubby goes to pick her up, she will cry all over again....at the thought of going home. She is in this cycle----cry when Mommy/Daddy leaves in the morning and then cry because she has to go home at the end of the day.

Any ideas?!?!!? Nothing has really changed in her little world except Hubby's trip. He was gone for 11 days and she had me all to herself. Now, he is home (thank God!) and her schedule is shifting back to normalcy. Could that be causing all this crying?! I would have thought that the switch to her regular schedule would calm her, not turn her into a miniature drama queen!!!


KatieJoeandGrace said...

Aw, poor thing-- both of you! It almost made me cry reading that! I feel the same way about my Grace when I don't know what is wrong with her! I'm sorry you had to go through that.
I'm sure it's just the 'girl thing', part of it at least, and just the changing of schedules, different things in your life, like the hubby being gone! What a morning though, huh?
I'll say a prayer for you and her as you get 'back to normal'!

Bri said...

Oh no! Well for you I suggest a margarita - for Gracie - I suggest some mellow time this week/weekend with you and Hubs...she may just want some downtime with both her favorite people to figure it all out again.

Melissa said...

That is sad. But I do think it's a girl thing. My girls do it too. And like me, when I am like that, nothing at all makes me happy. I am sure she is fine. And she will probably wake up in a great mood tomorrow.

KatieJoeandGrace said...

Have a safe trip to Louisville!
And have FUN on 4th street!

Allie said...

awwwe my moo! Maybe RK got ahold of her ;) In all seriousness, I don't know what it is but maybe she's just going through her own "stuff"--you know, Daddy's home, she's growing, still learning to use her words...mabe she is just emotional. I'm just sorry it's making mommy emotional-and Aunt Allah never would've called if she knew you'd already heard enough crying for the day :) Still, I say maybe RK ;)-