Seriously? Seriously!!

Ever notice how the most innocent meaning comment can get you in a total rage!? Yea, thats what happened.

The Hubby called from France (very well trained---has called at least once a day since he has been there) and we chatted about the hiting stuff with Grace (story for tomorrow's post but she is hiting the other kids at day care!) and about what my plans were for this weekend. Well, long story short, I told him my mom is picking up Grace from day care on Friday so I can do some errands without having to drag the 2 year old with me and then Saturday, after spending the day at the fair with me and Catherine, Grace is going to spend the night with my Mom so I can have a girls night out. Seriously....his response? "Oh I am surprised that you are having your Mom pick her up on Friday since she will be with her on Saturday. Dont you want to spend time with Grace?". Ummmm, HELLO!!!! I have been with Grace constantly for 11 days (except when I am sitting at my desk) and I am entitled to some girl time.

He mentioned that I have been "having the girls over and partying all week." Yea. that is EXACTLY what this temporarily-single-mom has been doing. Yes, the girls have come over several times since Hubby has been in Europe but not to party. I am lonely and they are being damn good friends by entertaining me so I dont have to sit in the big empty house all by myself. If a few martinis or pina coladas were drunk while they were at the house, that does NOT constitute partying in my book.

While you, my dear Hubby, have been touring the world famous vineyards of Spain and France, I have handled numerous tantrums and discipline issues with the 2 year old, made dinners, cleaned up dinners, cleaned the house at least once daily, have done ALL the laundry in the house, and oh yeah, kept myself reasonably sane, and falling asleep at 11 pm every night lonely as hell because there is no one but a 2 year old to talk to in the house. Dont forget that I was also working my normal full time schedule at the office. SO take your $500 bottle of wine and SHOVE IT!!!!

ARGH! Whatever.

Why does that little comment bug me so badly? Dont know but it does and now I am irritated at the Hubby who is thousands of miles away!!!!

((BTW---errands tonight? Going to Frederick's to get Hubby a nice little sexy surprise! THAT will show him to not make stupid comments!)


mrsmogul said...

Wow that's rough. I hear ya...sometimes my hubby is out late and I feel so alone ...and then I forget that I have a baby sleeping in the other room!

A said...

oooooooooooohhhh. Even if he was kidding WTF? Don't give it a second thought, just pick up something sassy tonight and then wear it for him and right before he makes his move say "you know, from all the partying w/ the girls while you were gone I'm too tired" hahahha

cheri getty said...

gotta love those husbands!

motherhooduncensored said...

Yeah. That would do me in for sure. How nice of you to get some lingerie.

I'm off to go jewelry shopping later today :)

Melissa said...

Ohhhhhh I would be so pissed too. You have every right to have fun with your girlfriends. Is there a law that states when we become moms we give up having a life? I won't do it.

You should get the sezy shit and take a picture in it and then take it back. Tell him that is his punishment for being an ass.

Mary P. said...

"Don't you want some time with Grace" has to go down as one of the all-time dopey comments to make to someone who's been solo parenting for a week and a half. Oh, my. Here's hoping he realised that the second he set the phone down, and is now feeling like a dork. :-)

Why does it bug you? Because it shows a complete lack of awareness as to what your life has looked like for the past week. With that comes the possibility that he won't fully appreciate you for it. Which kinda stinks.

(And I totally love Melissa's suggestion. That's the sort of vengeance I fantasize about doing, but can never quite manage to do. Still, it's a GREAT idea. HA!)

KatieJoeandGrace said...

Oh my goodness, I am laughing so hard right now. Not at you, but at the fact that I would have said the EXACT same thing!? Men JUST DON'T GET IT! I've come to that conclusion, especially after having a child!
Oh my, oh my! Well I'm sure he will like his surprise you buy, but I would stand in the door and threaten him "if you ever want to see me like this again, you will think before you talk". HA!

Stitching Barbie Girl said...

Are you sure your husband isn't really mine? Because I am pretty sure my husband has said something quite similar in the past.

Of course it could be that for the most part, they're all the same!

Bri said...

Holy Moly - I would've verbally eviscerated Ken. And instead of Fredericks, I would've gotten some of those granny panties from the old lady side of JCPennys...