Kid Eats Baby

The Scene: Last night, in the family room. Hubby on the floor playing with Grace. Me on the couch reading Parents Magazine.

Me: Wow, look how big Grace has gotten.
Hubby: I know!
Me: No seriously. She is like a real kid now. No more baby.
Hubby: I know!
Me: Where did our baby go?!
Hubby: I think this kid ate her.

Yep....that must be what happened!!!! :o)

I am leaving today for Louisville, KY.

Work trips are usually a lot of work and only a little bit of play time. Well, tonight is play time! Heading out to Fourth Street Live, the new entertainment district for some adult beverages and exploring. Hey---I need to make sure that all the conference attendees will have places to relax after spending all day at the meeting! Its my DUTY to make sure that all the establishments serve appropraite margaritas and pina coladas and martinis. :o)

Tomorrow is all work. Site visits at the convention center, all the surrounding hotels, and the landmark Louisville places----Churchill Downs, Muhammad Ali Center, etc, etc, etc. And dont forget about the Kentucky Bourbon distillerys!!!!

Cant wait to see Louisville. I have never been there but have heard many good things. We shall see!

Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau put together some REALLY funnt web-mmericals and I HAVE to share this one with everyone I know. Seriously, a great depiction of what a meeting planner must go through sometimes! HAHAHAHA! Daydream: Has This Ever Crossed Your Mind?


allie said...

SAFE TRAVELS! Gimme a call (and pick me up some Bourbon!) :) xoxo

Bri said...

Too bad Louisville is so far away
(like 2 hours) or we'd come meet you for dinner!

Motherhood Uncensored said...

Ooohhh. Fun stuff. I've never been but a trip away sounds lovely.

KatieJoeandGrace said...

Have a GREAT trip to Looavul!
I'll be there tonight, but more towards the east end of town for dinner w/ my hubby's work. I didn't think about it until just now, but I will be at Churchill Downs on Thursday for the races with work too. If you are there, you'll have to let me know! Wouldn't that be funny?

P.S. I got the job (YEAH!) I just can't write it on my site yet because my other friend who reads it applied too and didn't get it. She doesn't know yet. :-(