1 Mom, 1 Toddler, and 11 days!

Short post today because I really need to get some work done at this place I call my J-O-B. Especially since I am leaving early today (YIPEE). I am not leaving to relax or to go shopping or to enjoy time off. I still have to call into the staff meeting this afternoon and still have 30 pages of proposals to read! But I have to take the hubby to the airport so at 12:30---I am outta here!

The hubby is going to France and Spain on a work trip----11 days in wine country. What a tough job he has!!! :) He will be visiting some of the greatest wineries in the world and get paid to do it!!

While I am really excited for him (what a cool opportunity!), I am a little nervous if I am going to be able to hold up as a "temporarily only parent". Yes, I am a good mom but 11 days ALONE WITH A 2 YEAR OLD!!?!?!?!?!? That just might be my breaking point!!!! :) Grace is such a good kid but I would be joking if I didnt admit that the next 2 weeks make me a little scared. I wont have the hubby to help after work, wont have anyone to chat with during commercials, and who the heck am I going to steal all the covers from at night??? I am trying to schedule some fun "out of the house" activities for Grace just so I can interact with other people besides myself and the dog.

So, the next 2 weeks should be interesting for me and my Gracie. Can't wait to see what Daddy brings home for his 2 girls!!

Honey----ILY! (If you are reading this!)


Bri said...

Just keep in mind that Europe is where babies come frm (at least for us!) - the hubby may come home and agree to baby #2!!! And I think the timing would be perfect! Esp if its a girl - you would be dead on for all the seasons!

and what is ----ily? Am I retarded that I can't figure that out?

So-Called Supermom said...

hehehe----When Bill and I worked together at TW, it was this BIG secret that we were dating so we used to text message each other "ILY" (short for I Love You!). Now, we have "ILY" engraved in our wedding bands!

Bri said...

omigod - so cute - well tell mr. ILY that he should bring home mrs. ILY some killer bags from Italy - they have Prada and Versace outlets!!!

KatieJoeandGrace said...

Sounds like a fun 2 weeks!
My parents are headed to Europe for the next two weeks also. Wouldn't it be funny if they met each other-- of course we would never know! :-)
Presents from abroad are always fun!
Have fun w/ Grace!!! :-)