Crayons and Boobs

Okay, so this is totally gross----who spent time thinking of all these disgusting crayon names!!!!! When I saw what the quiz gave me for a crayon name, I couldnt resist posting it here. After the week from hell last week with a sick toddler, I found this all too appropriate!!! :) The sad part----I can actually say that I have seen this color, in real life, and in the Pampers at my house!!!

You are

Ummm, this next quiz......not sure what they are talking about but if they think I am Gisele, then I dont think I will argue!!!

You Are Most Like Gisele Bundchen
Slightly exotic and perfectly gorgeous

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rhonda said...

HA! Love that rejected crayon color. We used to call our son "mustard man" when that color would show up in his diaper!