Nashville Stars??? Maybe Not!

Nashville Star used to be on my "I-watch-it-if-I-see-it-while-browsing-through-channels" list. I think I have to stop now. I spent the last 2 days at Opryland Resort in Nashville for work. After walking through that hotel for 6 hours (I must have walked at least 10 miles in those 6 hours!), I got on the elevator with a few irritating, "superstar" teenagers. Seriously, take off your mirrored aviator sunglasses inside an elevator!!! Anyway, later that night I happened to be watching Nashville Star in my hotel room (with the balcony overlooking all the palm trees INSIDE one of the hotel atruims!) and there they were----the kids in the elevator were singing their hearts out on tv with Wynonna Judd!! I should have realized it earlier since the show is filmed at the Opryland Complex but it didnt even register with me after working all day long!

Opryland Resort is ridiculously large and I found leg muscles that I never knew existed. After carrying a 30 pound toddler around for hours, I was pretty sure I could manage anything but Opryland almost beat me!!! My legs STILL hurt, although the massage at the hotel did help a bit! Thats a perk of being a meeting planner----when on a site visit, you are treated well by staff. If the level of service that Opryland showed us this week is indicative of the service they will display at conference time, I am confident that this is going to be a great meeting!!

So, moral of this story---stay away from mirrored aviator sunglass wearing teens (they give you headaches even after only 15 seconds near them)and bring VERY comfy shoes to Nashville in October!


Bri said...

I'm glad you survived TN - we found it to be "interesting" when we visited Gatlinburg, TN...maybe we won't cross them off the "To Wander To Someday List"... I bet Gracie and Bill were thrilled to see you!

KatieJoeandGrace said...

Sounds like fun! I just found out that I have a meeting at the Opryland at the end of this month. Thanks for the advice!