Super Bowl XV

I am not a huge fan of either team (born and raised a Redskins fan!).
I have been to a Steelers game in Pittsburgh and wow---that stadium is fantastic and the fans made that game a blast (it didnt hurt that our seats were in the club level either!). But I love Seattle (the city, not necessarily the team). So---here is my prediction for Super Sunday:
Pittsburgh Steelers: 28, Seattle Seahawks: 21
I am hosting the Super Bowl party at the house again this year. Tonight, the chicken wing dip will be made (a triple batch to be sure there is enough to go around!), the chili will start cooking in the crock pot (I promise to control the husband when he starts adding the spice to his recipe!), and tomorrow is the beer run to fill up Cousin Beer Fridge (the name my husband has lovingly given to the old Pepsi display case he rescued from the dumpsters at work).

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