The Plight of the SuperMom!

Well, it is official....I am a charter consultant with Taste of Home Entertaining! YEA! I am so excited and am literally counting the days until my first party; 98 days to go (thanks Carol!).

So now that I have added that to my life, my schedule is as full as it can get! Not only am I now a wife, mother, full time event planner, friend, and now I own my own business! HAHA---and I thought I had no down time a week ago!!! :)

The next few months should be pretty interesting as I get ready to launch this venture. Right now, my schedule allows me about 3 hours with Grace after work each night. In those 3 hours, we manage to prepare and eat dinner, play for a while, take a bath, usually have to do a load of laundry every night or so, and then its bedtime. By the time Bill and I sit down, its about 9 pm. And thats assuming that neither of us brings work home with us! I am going to have to set some office hours for TOHE, especially because I have several consultants on my team. Where am I going to find those hours you ask? No idea---but suggestions are welcome! :)

This, my friends, is the plight of the SuperMom! Not only can we raise our children, work fulltime out of the house, keep our houses in (decent) order, and be a good wife, we can also own our own business out of the house and look good doing it! Notice I didnt mention "time to ourselves" in there. Now, this past weekend, I definitely took a ton of time to myself and the girls (had GNO dinner on Saturday and then nails and shopping with Allison and Jenna on Sunday) but those weekends are rare. With all these different things going on now, looks like I need to get my family on a schedule at least during the week. HAHAHA---a schedule with a toddler---I make myself laugh sometimes!

Wish me luck on all this---I am going to need it!


allie said...

you know you can count on me to bounce ideas off of. And I can always take Moo for a couple of hours for you to play catch-up :)

Aurelia said...

Best of luck you to neighbor (I live in DC). You Can DO IT!!!