Making It Happen - The New Plan

I just finished a huge event at work - over 2,000 people at a regional trade show.  Pretty great event if I say so myself....and I am pretty psyched that the evaluations agree with me.  Who doesn't like when their work is validated that way?!

Now that life isn't focused around the crazy pre-event days or the late night work sessions after the kids' bedtimes, I find myself a little lost. There are so many things on the normal to do list but I am struggling to focus my energy.  

Those who know me well know this about me: I do best in crazy times.  Give me 3 deadlines, a school event, house projects, and for good measure - add a medical appointment or two.  I may be running around 15 hours a day but I thrive in that.  I focus, I prioritize, and it gets done.  It all happens.  

Give me downtime and my mind wanders.  I think about the 17 different paths to accomplish one goal and guess what - at the end of the day, I haven't started down any of those paths.  

Is it the fear of the downtime that keeps me from getting this list completed? If the list is never done, there is always something to rush around to complete. Do I just secretly want to not accomplish these goals - are these goals one I THINK I want but deep down really don't? I have no idea. 

Finding a way to keep myself on task and motivated is the newest biggest goal - first step - HOW?! Since I know that I need external deadlines/pressure to "make it happen", I am creating that myself in my office.  A white board - on my wall for my boss, my coworkers and even my visitors to see.  Every Friday, I will spend an hour organizing the week ahead and posting the 5 top priorities/tasks to complete.  Having them up there for everyone to see should help me ensure they get crossed off - because nobody wants to be questioned about why your to do list for 5 months ago is still posted on the wall! 

Today is Friday. Step 1 complete - hang whiteboard. Step 2 --- off to find some Dry Erase markers! 

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