Back At It

I could write an entire post full of excuses of WHY it has taken me 6 months to come back here.  But really - do you want to read those? My guess is no.  Because you know them; I bet many of you live those same excuses.

Summary: Life happened.  Some pretty awesome stuff and some not-so-awesome stuff. but guess what - we survived (again) and here we are.

I miss writing.  I miss having a place to put my thoughts to paper...or at least the keyboard.  And I miss the thought that maybe somewhere, someone reads this blog (besides me) and finds something redeeming about it.

And so, I am back to the blog.  I have even scheduled time in my planner to write - because these days, if it's not in my planner, it doesnt happen.  First writing day is tomorrow so stay tuned! :)

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