10 Ways I Know That I Have Made the Transition to the SAHM/WAHM

10.  I know the Disney Jr. weekday schedule by heart.  9am Sheriff Callie. 3pm Little Einsteins.

9.  I can also sing every word to the theme songs to above mentioned shows, even when they are not on tv.

8.  Lunchtime is sometime mid-day and consists of the leftover chicken nuggets from the toddler's lunch and some crackers from his snack bag left on the table while on a conference call. 

7.  Quiet time is defined as any time that Mom is in a room by herself for more than 5 minutes. 

6.  Weekends are just two more days of the week.  Daddy is home during the day - that's the bonus to the weekend.  They are NOT for resting. 

5.  I can work on an email marketing piece, make a peanut butter sandwich, and have a conversation about pirates.......at the same time. 

4.  I carry both the iPad and iPhone with me to kids appointments ---- the iPad for kid entertainment during the 20 minute wait at the doctors office and the phone so I can take advantage of the time to answer emails. 

2.  The baby is learning to reach and grab things by sitting on my lap while I write press releases.  She loves to reach and puch the keys ---- lucky for my I have spell check to find her typos!

1.  My days start early and end late. There is not a time in any day of the week that someone doesnt need me for something whether its a kid, client, or the dog.  And while its exhausting, I get to take work breaks for hugs from my kiddos and I get to play Legos anytime I want to!

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