The Post When Grace Calls Me Awesome!

I was SO bummed when i couldn't get tickets to the Hot 99.5 Jingle Ball concert - it sold out SO fast!!!  but really -- with that lineup, I wasn't really surprised.

Well, I found tickets.  I just couldn't pass up the chance to take Grace to see her first (pre)teen heartthrob -- Justin Bieber, of course! And then there's Austin Mahone and Kesha and Psy and Flo Rida and Enrique and two newbies who I didnt realize that I really already love their music - Cher Lloyd and Ed Sheeran.  

Last night, we FINALLY told Grace what her big surprise from Mommy was. 

The reaction is worth every penny spent on tickets.  I cannot even imagine what it will be like tonight when the show starts.  

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