The Box

There is a box at my feet FULL of paper.  Everything from notes to test readings to official letters and finally discharge papers.  Its the complete medical record of Hubby's 2011 Medical Disaster (it deserves its own title hence the capital letters). 

Today, I am thankful for the box. 

I am thankful that it is over.

I am thankful that we made it through. 

I am thankful for the time we spent together those eight months, getting Hubby's strength back.

I am thankful for the doctors who worked so hard in the middle of the night to save his life. 

I am thankful for the friends who sat in the waiting rooms with me, just to be there. 

I am thankful for the nurses who cared for him during the many different hospital stays. 

I am even thankful for the doctors and nurses who, I beleive, did not do their best work when it came to my hubby.  Without them, I would never know how strong I can be, or how to use my voice in regards to what is best, medically, for my special-medical-needs family. 

I am most thankful that next week, we will finally be able to sit with the doctors at Hopkins and determine what affect all this has had, or will continue to have, on the Hubby's health.  With Marfan Syndrome, you just never know. 

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