Sandy is coming.

It's late.  All the kids are asleep.  The Huuby went to bed already too.  Even the dog is asleep next to me on the couch.  And I am exhausted but wide awake.

See, sometime between a few hours ago and Tuesday night, Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy is supposed to hit the area.  We are ready - spent the day cleaning up the pool deck and yard.   There is a pretty widely held assumption that we will lose power at some point tomorrow -- we have food that can be defrosted naturally and grilled; propane tanks were checked, and we stocked up on our water as well.

Schools are cancelled already for the next two days.  The government closed --- which means our nanny is also off. 

I am sitting in my family room, glued to the news channels, and soaking up every bit of electricity that I can before it goes away tomorrow.  That's when it will get hard ---- entertain and keep warm two kids with no electricity to cook, heat the house, or have quiet movie time. 

We have also made sure that the beer and wine shelves are full in the house.

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