Miss Them Already

I leave tomorrow for 8 days.  Vegas for 8 days.  I know I shouldn't complain --- travel really can be fun, even work-travel.  And let's be honest -- the only time I will ever go to Vegas is for work.  Been there a few times and it's just not somewhere we would go as a vacation. But, despite the loooooong work days of being on my feet and friendly and happy and smiling, we will have fun. 

And I think I have the house.....and kids....and hubby....reday for my absense.  Chore chart is on a roll so that should be easy to keep moving.  Family calendar is posted and updated with the bus schedule, acitivity times, and the Nanny Binder already has notes for each day next week.  Babysitters are lined up for various evenings and birthdya party presents are purchased and ready for parties.

Now, all I have to do is get on the plane and knw that, even though I will miss my family like crazy, this is a good thing -- its good bonding time for Hubby and the kids.  And its good for the kiddos to see Mommy can have a career and be with them as often as possible. 

It will be good for me too -- being onsite always energizes me.  And a little relaxing on the plane won't hurt either!

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