Every once in awhile, you come to the crossroads.  People have different ideas and opinions about which road you should take.  Others want to fix your problem and just tell you which road to take.  Yet, you stand there, with all sorts of ideas about each road ahead of you, not knowing which way to turn.

And so you just sit down in the middle of the crossroads and wait.  Just wait for a little time to pass by --- until hopefully, the right road will simply light up and you know what to do next.

That's what I am doing -- sitting in the crossroads.  And once I figure out how which road is meant for me, I will get up and get moving.

Til then, I am going to enjoy a few moments of quiet.

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Maya said...

I hope the right road presents itself sooner rather than later, but in the meanwhile, I hope the moments of quiet are great :-)