Case of the Mondays

This weekend was so full of fun --- my Dad turned 60 and we threw an awesome Vegas themed party for him; family came from out of town; the weather was nice enough for an outdoor picnic at snack time.   And then Monday came.  
  • Up early after losing an hour of sleep
  • Spent 10 minutes max actually talking to and enjoying the kids because we were rushing around to get  to day care and school and hoping that traffic would cooperate so that I could get to the office before my morning meetings.  I made it. 
  • Treated myself to Starb.ucks --- they messed up my order but I didnt realize it until I was 5 miles down the road. 
  • Left my notes for my afternoon meeting in my office at home.  
  • That annoying red light on my phone is blinking telling me there are voice mails to listen to. I am ignoring it right now. 
  • I think I left my glasses at the restaurant last night --- once they open, I can call to find out.  Crossing my fingers. 
And all I want to do is find some way to get home --- to be home with my babies.  .  

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