I Have Been Warned

Grace:  Mommy, you might get a headache. 

Me:  Really?  When I am getting this headache? (Frankly, I had one DURING this conversation!)

Grace:  At the kindergarten singing assem-ly.  

Me:  Oh.  I dont think I will get a headache, Grace. I am very excited to watch you and your friends sing songs all together.  (Yes, I am super psyched about watching 75 kindergarteners sing songs loudly while all us K-parents take pictures and video.  After which I get to go out for a girls night out!!)

Grace:  Well, Mommy, there are going to be all the morning children and the afternoon children.  And all the Busy Bees children too.  (Note:  The busy Bees are the other kindergarten class - they all have their own "class name"....Grace's is the Dolphins).  And we are all gonna be singing together and doing the movements all at the same time. So you are going to have a headache I think.  

Me:  Oh.  (Those are the only words I could say without bursting out laughing.)

Grace:  Yeah and the parents....you cant talk or eat cause its in the PE room and there is no eating there.  So dont bring me a snack, okay?  

Me:  Got it. No snack. 

Grace: And the parents cant sing with the children.  Cause then you couldnt hear the kids singing. Okay? 

Me:  Okay.  Any more rules I need to know?

Grace:  Not today. But I really think you are going to have a headache. 

Well, thanks for the warning.


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laura said...

you are raising one considerate child, girlfriend!! :)

i know you already know this, but thank you, thank you, thank you for all your love, friendship and support these past 2 weeks. reading all your kind words made each uncertain day all the more bearable. baby ben is so lucky to have been born into a family as crazy and as loving as ours!