Dreams Come True

It was hot. The days were long. The crowds were huge. But the smiles are bigger and the look of wonder in her eyes made the heat, long lines, and $6 scoop of ice cream well worth it.

In one sentence, it was magical.

And the only way to show how fabulous it was is with pictures.

The first thing we saw at Disney was the High School Musical parade at Hollywood Studios. Her eyes say it all - she was in awe. She kept asking Mommy, are those the REAL High School Musical people?! Yes was the only acceptable answer.

This is the look of pure wonder, amazement, and real magic. We went to a princess lunch and her face lit up every time a princess walked into the room. And yes, the attire is a result of the princess makeover at Bippity Boppity Boutique in Cinderella's castle.

See, dreams do come true. The happiest little girl in the world at this moment.

Lilo and Stitch are fast approaching "Favorite Character" status for Grace. She was thrilled when we ran into them during the last few hours of the trip. The crown stayed on her head the entire week!!!!!!!

The family together on vacation. It was so good we are planning our next trip to Disn.ey already.

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