Has It REALLY been that long!?

Wow - my last post was over a month ago! I never intended on neglecting My So-Called Supermom Life. Just happened while I was living that so-called life. :)

So, an update..............there has been so much happening that I am not sure where to begin.

Grace has turned into a "real kid" lately. Very self-sufficient and wow, what a funny little girl she is. Last night, we were watching Encha.nted (for the 29,287th time!) and I looked over at her, sitting on the couch with her juice and bowl of popcorn. I just can't believe how fast she has grown up. In 3 months, she turns 5! 5! That amazes me. Yep, its been a long 5 years and I never really believed they were flying by....but they did.

Work is insane for me. 23 days until the annual conference and my stress level is through the roof on most days. A lot of "c.heifs" here and all the "ind.ians" are whining. But overall, its good. Things are getting done....maybe not the way I prefer them but at the end of the day, as long as the to-do list has checks by the task, its fine. ((((Check that out--- I am learning to be flexible!!!)))

I finally took down the holiday decorations last weekend. I love the holidays and hate taking all the ornaments off the tree and boxing them up. It took me an entire day to decorate the house and only about an hour to put it all away again. It was a good Christma.s this year. We must have visited San.ta 50 times during December - and Grace loved it!!

All in all, I have nothing crazy to blog about. Life is life. Ups and downs. Right now, we are just trying to survive the next month until my conference is over and life returns to normal. Or whatever normal is for us!


Bri said...

Welcome back :)

TeamWinks said...

5! Wow! Hard to believe!