Still In Love

Last night was amazing. For so many reasons. Some of which are still a secret. :)

I remember as a kid declaring one day a week "NKOTB Day" in 5th grade. All my friends and I would wear as much NKOTB stuff as we could that day. We were all in love; each of us liking a different group member. I had sheets, tshirts, earrings, posters, books...you name it, I had it. All except the leather jacket that my mother refused to buy for me. I told her it would be a collector's item.....she was probably right. But still.

Last night, I really didnt have many expectations. I assumed they were older and that the show would be different than the 2 I dragged my father to as a child.

I was right----the show was different but it was amazing!!! All the songs I remember and some new stuff, which honestly is pretty good.

What was so great about the show wasnt the music (though I admit to still loving it) but the pure joy and excitement that we felt as the lights went out at the show opening. I still know every word to the songs and the feeling of complete thrill was still there an hour into the concert.

Simply amazing. Reliving all the memories of 15 years ago when they walked away from the band. It all came back and it was so cool.

I am still totally in love with them. Maybe that is embarassing but it was an awesome night.


Catherine and Mitch said...

Subtle opener there:) The concert kicked ass, and I have to get those videos up. Grace loved seeing them today.
She was funny telling the "secret" to your mom and dad. She kept asking where the baby was and when was it coming. She wants to show her newest cousin how to swim. And she thinks it is hilarious that Moochie is going to be a daddy.
Hope camping was fun!!!!

Laura said...

OMG - I totally remember NKOTB Day in the 5th grade! So funny!