I came home today and found my current favorite parenting book, Raising A Spirited Child, in shreds on the family room floor. The dog chewed the first 2 chapters. Wonder if they have a How To Deal with a Spirited Dog book?

I am camping this weekend. In the woods with a tent. Outdoors.

I made my last car payment this week. That's right; I own my car. Awesome. Except that the day I paid it off, the car spent the day at the mechanic's place with a list of work that will cost me $1000 this month to get done.....just to get passed all the state tests.

Just a week full of irony.


TeamWinks said...

Wait a minute. Did I read that right? You are going camping? I didn't think you liked camping. Regardless, I hope you enjoy your weekend without fax machines, cell phones, and the general business of life.

-L said...

Yep yep, she's going camping! We've convinced her to try and come on out with us. She's going to have a great time! Even if it takes a ton of alcohol to get her to admit that :)

SoCalledSupermom said...

I am camping. I am camping. I am camping.

And I am excited.

No, really. I am going. I cant continue to refuse invites to camp without having at least tried it once.