My New Motto

So Hubby and I are having a tough emotional parenting month. Its hard but we are slowly coming up with a plan. Here it is:

1. Keep talking to Grace about her day. Ask specific questions and get her talking about what happened during the day and how she acted AND how she felt about things. We just want her to know that we care and want to know. Hope this helps.

2. I have an appointment with the Preschool Director on Thursday. So, in 2 days, at 10AM, please send me happy, strong parent thoughts. Its my very first official "Parent-Teacher" conference. I am nervous. I dont want to go in there accusing them of things or saying things that make them think I see my child as perfect and not at fault. Because I know that Grace has responsibility in this situation; I just want to find a solution that works for her.

That's as far as we have gotten on our plan. Tonight, we took a family trip to the mall. Specifically, the book store. I came home with Raising Your Spirited Child. The characteristics of a spirited child are so similiar to Grace. The book is sitting next to me now as I type. I will start reading tonight. All I ask of the book is that it 1) let me know that I am not alone in feeling out of control and frustarated as a parent and 2) gives me a few new ideas to help Grace as she goes through this transition and her other issues that are popping up right now.

Oh....and while at the bookstore, I saw a title of a book that I am now adopting as my new motto: Naptime is the new happy hour! HAHA. LOVE IT!

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agoodwitchtoo said...

Good luck on Thursday! Remember to breathe deeply while you're choking... I always make the mistake of holding my breath ;)

Love the motto!