It's Buff.ett Day!

Tick.etmas.ter site is already open on my computer. The cre.dit car.d info has been entered so all I have to do is hit the purchase button. And I have blocked the time as "busy" on the office calendar.

Jim.my Buf.fett tickets go on sale at 10AM today. He is doing 2 shows in DC this year so I am hoping that means it will be a little easier to get my hands on tickets. The shows are over Labor Day weekend, Saturday or Monday. I am thinking that Monday will be easier to get. However, I have one of the admin assistants in the office trying for Saturday tickets while I try for Monday.

I WILL get tickets. Somehow, someway.

UPDATE SUCCESS!! I got 10 tickets for the Monday show. The countdown begins!

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-L said...

Haha, David was wondering if you guys knew he was coming. I assured him that there is no way you forgot :)

Good luck getting tickets!