Grace and I called Hubby when we got home today. Its the daily afternoon routine: Pick up Grace at day care, drive home, pet the dog and put her outside, and call Daddy to say hello. All of this before making dinner and getting started on bedtime routines.

Today was slightly different. Not the routine but the conversation with Hubby.

While talking to him, Hubby sent the final, signed paperwork to the mortg.age guy. Currently, we are set to close on the house on March 28. The 4 year anniversary of Kati.e's (my mother in law) passing. It has taken 4 years. Enough said on that.

Its exciting. Its scary. Its making me feel like a "real" adult. You know, the kind that has to pay a :gulp: mortg.age every month for what seems like the rest of my life.

Our last payment is February 14, 2038. And that seems like it will never come. It will someday I guess. That last payment is $2.73 more than all the other payments. That additional expediture will be the best Valen.tine's Day present ever!

And so the journey of being "real" homeowners begins....even though we have been living here for years.



Bri said...

Congratulations darling :) This grownup stuff is scarily awesome isn't it? :) I'll bring my sledghammer next time I'm down and we can get to demo-ing! :P

-L said...

Welcome to the world of mortgage payers! Haha, yeah umm...don't count down from 2038, it will make you absolutely insane.

Just think of the bright side, now you can do whatever you want with the house! :)

TeamWinks said...

Blogger keeps eating my comment. So, I shorten it and just say...

Congratulations! You must be very excited!

Justme said...

My mom says that as you get older the years pass more and more quickly. Since you'll be turning 29 soon, and then 30 time will pass very very quickly. HA! :) Congrats!