Please Exit The Building

When was the last time you had to participate in a fire drill?

And was there ever a time you were officially NOTIFIED about said drill?

At the office, we got a notice at the beginning of the week that a fire drill would take place today, after lunch. Its now 2PM and still, no drill. After lunch is 1PM, NOT 4:29PM like I am sure they will do. But whatever.

The best part of this experience is the Tenant Evacuation Plan Assignment Worksheet that my boss had to fill out. There were more requested positions than we have employees so everyone has at least 2 roles, except me. Cause I am the primary searcher.

My job description says: The Searcher's role is to ensure that no one has been left on the floor (ummm, there are at least 100 people working on this floor; only 8 in my office. Why do I need to look for 92 extra people!??!). The Searcher should make rounds in the designated areas of the suite to inform about the need to evacuate the building ('cause the loud annoying alarm sound is not an indication of the need to leave the building). Important areas include conference and meeting rooms, lavatories, computer centers, and any other enclosed room. Okay, so when the firemen find me burned to a crisp in the bathroom, at least they know I was just doing my job! Once they have completed their serach, they shoudl report any problems before vacting the building. And who should I be reporting these problems to? And I promise to do my best with the "vacate the building" instruction but what if there are more enclosed spaces to investigate!!?!?!?!

We also had to decide on a meeting place outside the building for all the staff to go to in case of an emergency.

We chose the bar across the street.

Come on alarm----RING! I need a drink!

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