Black Friday

This weekend is one of my favorite times of the year.

Long lines. Great deals. Standing outside a store before the sun comes up. And getting all the holiday shopping done before the calendar says December 1.

I love it.

The past few years, it has been a tradition for me to hit the stores by 5AM on Bla.ck Fri.day. And this year is no different. Some years I had friends with me. Some years I went by myself. Either way, its a blast. One year, I think 3 years ago now (wow, time flies and things change!),a friend of mine and her mom went with me; it was probably the most successful BF I have had so far. And what a blast we had. You know who you are. :)

But this year is a little disappointing already. Granted, the outlet mall opens at midnight and I know there will be many purchases made there. But the rest of my regular stores for this shopping trip arent advertising any "must have" deals.

Of course, I will still be there with the rest of the crazy people at 5AM. You never know what deal you will find once out and about on that early morning.

The lack of deals....is it because I already know what Santa is bringing (and most of those things arent on the "doorbuster" deal lists) or is it because, even though the deals are great, I am still cheap and wont buy stuff if its not specifically on my list this year?


TeamWinks said...

Didn't you get the memo? Kohl's opens at 4 am this year! Hey, since you are an hour ahead, feel free to call when you find a super good deal. Aha! A new way to make BF even more fun!

I can remember that year too! It was quite the blast! Wow, can you tell how excited I am?! I'm using exclamation points about every sentence!

I'm waiting for the sale fliers before I make a judgement on whether this year is going to be a good BF or not.

What are you scouting out this year. Crap this is as long as an email. Sorry!

Allie said...

No-You're right. I think it's just the economy....but we'll have fun regardless :)

kbfixit said...

Jen will be out and about as well. SuperBoy and I will be sleeping. :D