It is important that I post about nothing; about no heavy topics or thoughts or anything. My brain is mush these days since my plane to San Diego takes off in 9 days for annual conference. I cannot even measure the stress anymore it is so high. Auto-pilot has set in...go to work, get tasks completed in record time, rush through traffic to get to day care for pick up time, hang out with Grace and eat dinner, sit in the family room with Hubby and my laptop until 11 pm, go to bed and get up and do it all over again.

And so today, mindless fun.....I have 2 things for you:

1) My childhood buddy, Laura, had her baby yesterday. So cute! Here is the first pic available:

2) Last weekend, my sister and I took Grace to the Yo.uth for Tomo.rrow's Country Fair. We go every year but this year it was just the girls...no "stinky boys" as Grace would tell you. The silent auction at the Fair is always full of great stuff, mostly Redsk.ins items since YFT is J.oe Gib.bs' place. If you dont already know, I collect Ba.rbies....have all my life. And I won a new one at the silent auction.....such a steal....got it for $40 and the same Ba.rbie is listed on Eb.ay for $80-$150. Go me!!!!! Isnt she gorgeous!? HAHA---those of you who know me in "real life" know about my love of Burb.erry so this Bar.bie is perfect for me!!!

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Bri said...

When I lose these 20lbs - I'm totally buying a burberry outfit - head to toe.

Hahaha - as if I could lose these 20lbs or afford burberry head to toe!!! :P