My Weekend is NOT Going to be Relaxing

Why is it that the weekends Hubby goes out of town are the busiest times for me? Never mind that there is no one else around the help with bedtime, dinner time, or day care pickups; that I can handle. Its the other stuff....laundry, house chores, talking to me about adult things.

Grace and I dropped Hubby at the airport this morning at 4:45! Yep, I was awake before the sun was up....and I hate that!!! When we got home we crawled back in bed for 2 hours, got to day care late, and then I spent the next 2 hours shopping for a baby gift and luggage. And now, I am sitting at home working.

And I am ready for a nap already.

But there is no time for that today. Before 5, I need to shower (nope, havent gotten around to that yet!), finish an email for work, do some other work, type up and send out committee meeting minutes, and pick up Grace at day care. After that, I still need to finish up scanning in 10 more pages from my high school yearbook; we wouldnt want to forget those ugly senior pictures when it comes time to produce reunion nametags, now would we?!

Tomorrow isnt better. 10AM: Baby shower. 5PM: Brother in law's football game. 7PM: Meet the girls for Girls Night Out. 9:30ish (or whenever my dad calls): Head home to get Grace from my dad and sister.

Urgh. Hubby has been gone 7 hours and I am already counting the minutes til we head back to the airport to pick him up.

Don't worry---he isnt having fun either. He headed down to FL for a family funeral. Not fun but still....he is out of the house!!

Okay, bitching is done.

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