My Soapbox of the Day

I read an article this morning on the Metro that was discussing teens and their disposable income. Apparently, high school students are buying designer shoes and backpacks and all that at an incredibly high rate, First, where do they get that money? Second, is it really necessary to have a Coa.ch/Burb.erry/Kate Sp.ade backoack when you are in 10th grade!?

Yes, I have those bags. And I love those bags. But I think this designer thing is getting a bit out of control. Just cause Ni.cole Ritch.ie has it or Kat.ie Holme.s was photographed wearing it doesnt mean we all need to rush out and get it.

Would the Bugaboo stroller be on soooo many baby registries if Gwen.yth Paltr.ow didnt push her kid around in it? Probably not cause most people cant afford a $400 baby stroller.

A friend of mine is getting married this fall. When she asked me to be a bridesmaid for the Vegas wedding, I was so excited and honored. But then the thought of buying yet another $300 dress!!! But I got the email this morning with the link to the dress.......$50......from TARGET! Who knew!?

And its so adorable (yep, its the one pictured).

I am getting off my soapbox now. But I can tell you that Hubby would be thrilled to hear/read me saying that this designer trend is ridiculous. Cause even though it is, I do still love my bags! :)


Bri said...

and designer glasses.... :P

as a mom who is currently sporting all sorts of random crumbs, wipees and baby items in the bottom of my purse - it will be awhile before I jump on the designer bandwagon :P

-L said...

Yeah, I never got the whole designer thing. I don't think I've ever owned a 'designer' anything!

I just can never jusify spending that much :)