Big Girl Seat

Last night, while Hubby was putting Grace to sleep, I took away her last "baby" item; the car seat.

That's right, my beloved Cowmooflauge Britax is no longer fastened to the middle seat of the family car. I love that car seat. I unhooked it last night and lovingly placed it in the garage. Tonight, it goes back in its original box and in the basement. This is one car seat that I plan on keeping as long as possible. I dont think another kid is in the cards for us but its the best thing we bought for Grace. Now I can use it for all the other kids that will join our extended family...no need to transfer seats all over the place. I am prepared!! :)

Grace is obviously not old enough for just the seatbelt. VA just passed a law that requires kids to be in car seats or boosters until they are 8 years old. By the time Grace is that old, they will change it again and demand that kids remain in boosters until they are old enough to drive themselves!! But anyway........the booster seat has been installed in Mommy's car. So sad. But at the same time, it doesnt take up 1/2 the back seat!!!

My car drives so much lighter with the booster seat. But driving into work this morning, I realized that nope, my baby is no more. Now I have a kid. A child.

Oh she'll always be my baby. Even if she can buckle her own seatbelt in her booster seat.


Bri said...

snif - I can imagine how sad this day is :(. But at the same time she's growing into a beautiful kid - you have a lot to be proud of!

TeamWinks said...

How time has flown! She's so grown up now. **sigh**