I'm HOW old!?

Its my birthday.

Sunday night was dinner at my parents. Painless, actually....which is a change. A good change.

And, man, did I get spoiled.....if I say so myself.

Great stuff for my kitchen that will be remodeled....soon, I hope. A shopping gift card, another gift card to get my hair done at the greatest salon, and Mom surprised me with a Coach bag.

And Monday night is the real birthday dinner with Hubby and Grace. It is a good bday for me!


IRS Printing Guru said...


Just remember - you aren't as old as Bill!!!!!

Self Proclaimed Supermom said...


Great bag! I am so envious!

TeamWinks said...

Happy Birthday! The purse is simply delicious. (Can a purse actually be delicious? Anyway, it's fabulous!) Sorry to hear about Jake. He was a good dog. Thank you for your comment, it meant a lot.

Allie said...

HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!! and Wow, the Kathster done good!

Bri said...

TWO BAGS! You booger.

Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!

MaryP said...

Happy Birthday!