A Good Day

I love these kind of days. You know that kind......a day off work with the only plans hanging out with the 3 year old.

Well, not so much hanging out but spending most of the day in various doctors offices.

First thing this am the ped.atric card.iologist. Good news! No signs of Marfan's Syndrome at this point for Grace! YEA! Its nice to hear that we dont have to make another cardi.ologist appointment for Grace until 2011. I am breathing a little easier now.

Later today we are going for the 3 year old check up. All the basics.

A good day at home. Just Gracie and Mommy. I love it!

Okay, its naptime so I need to get cleaning the house.


Bri said...

2011??! That's great news! YAAAAAAAAY Grace!

Enjoy Mommy and Me time :)

-L said...

That's fabulous news! I've been checking your blog all day for an update :)

Enjoy the afternoon!