Home Again

I love productive work trips.

I didnt spend hours laying by the pool or hanging out downtown while I was in San Diego this week. There were a few short trips to the SD Zoo and the Maritime Museum and I had the best margarita ever but I worked the entire time I was there.

Sitting on my hotel room balcony overlooking the resort pool and palm trees with my laptop and 50,286 budget worksheets. That is what I spent my "free time" doing. But man, it is so much better to work that way than sitting in my office!!!

The best part of the trip..........walking in the front door of my house and hearing Grace run down the hall yelling "My Mommy! My Mommy! My Mommy!".

Just makes my heart melt.

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Bri said...

You are back! Yay!

And Yay Grace for her welcome home party for you!