And the Perfect Post Award Goes To.............

There are certain blogs that I visit daily. Some of "real life" friends and some I consider Blog Buddies. And then there is Mary Poppins.

As a working mom, its nice to read her posts about her day as a day care provider........the gentle moments that Mom misses but she is there for, the frustarating moments that we all experience with children, and dealing with all those neurotic parents........I just dont know how she does it every day.

I guess the same way we all do.

But MaryP got me thinking this week. Its the new Mommy War I think...........Are you a good mommy or a strong mommy?


Can I qualify myself as a Good-Mommy-who-is-really-trying-to-be-a-Strong-Mommy?

Curious what I am talking about?! Go visit MaryP at her blog, Its Not All Mary Poppins.

A Perfect Post – February 2007
To her, I award my very first Perfect Post Award for her Good Mommies, Strong Mommies post. The post really made me stop and think about what kind of mommy I am. Am I spending too much time concerning myself whether other people see me as the "good mommy" when I should be showing my daughter my strength? Maybe being "ladylike" as MaryP describes is overrated.

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yerdoingitwrong said...

Great post. I just went back to work and am leaving my 11-week old behind. =( Maternity leave flew by. I found your blog via the mom blogs and I'm enjoying myself perusing your blog!!

MaryP said...

Thank you! My essay posts are probably the most personal part of my blog, and so it means a lot when one resonates with people. Thanks for making me your vote this month!